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Corn Trans is a company specializing in the professional transport of grain and oils. For years, we have been providing logistics services to customers from the agricultural and industrial sectors, providing them with reliable and effective transport solutions.

We are an experienced company that perfectly understands the specifics of the industry. Our fleet of vehicles is modern, equipped with the latest tracking and monitoring technologies, which allows us to precisely monitor the transport process. Thanks to this, we can provide our clients with full transparency and security.

In the field of grain transport, we offer comprehensive services covering both transport in bulk and in bags. Our vehicles are adapted to transport larger quantities of grain, such as wheat, barley, corn or oats. We take care of appropriate transport conditions to ensure the integrity of the goods and minimize losses.

Our offer also includes transport of vegetable oils. We have suitably adapted tank cars that ensure safe transport of oils. Our team of drivers has the necessary knowledge and experience to guarantee safe and timely delivery of oils to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. That is why we ensure timely execution of orders, flexibility in adapting to individual customer needs and competitive prices. Our professional logistics team constantly monitors and optimizes transport processes to provide our customers with the highest quality of services.

Thanks to our commitment, reliability and professionalism, we have gained the trust of customers in the industry. We are ready to meet a variety of grain and oil transportation requirements, and we are constantly developing our skills and technologies to be a leader in the field of transport logistics.

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